Elliptical Trainers Allow You To Exercise With Less Physical Stress

Benefits of Elliptical Trainers

The major benefits of Elliptical Trainers is that you can exercise with less physical stress on your legs and knees. Since your feet never leave the pedals, there is no impact stress. This may be important for people who exercise knee pain, but want the benefits of an aerobic exercise routine.

The machine simulates the motion of walking or jogging, but without the impact stress on your legs, knees and feet. In addition, the handles on the machine allow your arms to share part of the burden of working against the machine resistance. This allows the upper body to benefit as well.

These machines are quiet to operate. You also do not have the pounding noise that you experience with a treadmill. Plus they typically will take up less space than a treadmill.


Some people find the dual action of the arms and legs, plus the motion of the machine awkward. Like me, you may prefer the natural motion of a treadmill.


    Resistance Levels - 16
    Stride Length - 18" Fixed
    Has fixed and moving handlebars, and articulating footplate.
    Max user weight - 300 lbs.
    Dimensions - 59"L X 26"W X 68"H
    Has a fan, transport wheels, water bottle holder and reading rack.


    12 Preset Programs

    Dual Action Arm Handles
    Transportation Wheels
    User Weight Capacity - 300 lbs.
    Dimensions - 51"L X 23"W X 63"H

    Center Drive
    Preset programs include: Manual, Hill, Random, Glute Blaster, Interval, Interval Mountain and Interval Speed.
    Heart Rate Programs include: Target, HR Cardio 80%, HR Fat Burn 65% HR Hill and HR Interval.
    Front Transportation Wheels
    User Weight Capacity - 300 lbs.
    Dimensions - 42"L X 31"W X 65"H

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