Exercises For Leg Strengthening Work The Muscles That Allow You To Stand, Walk And Run

Benefits of Exercises for Leg Strengthening

These workouts strengthen the largest muscles in your body. They enable you to stand, walk and run. They also support your body weight. As you age, you will continue to be able to walk, climb stairs and curbs with ease and confidence. You will also be able to maintain your balance and posture.

These workouts will also improve your physical appearance, and are an excellent addition to any fitness routine.

The Wall Squats and Hamstring workouts have really helped my knees. When I first started to take physical fitness seriously, I experienced some knee pain. I didn't know it at the time, but weak quadriceps and hamstrings can lead to knee pain when physically stressed.

After doing Wall Squats for several weeks, I noticed that my knee pain disappeared. I now workout without fear and increased confidence, and feel much stronger in my lower limbs.

Click on the links below for a detailed discussion and illustrated example of each activity.

Donkey Kicks

Hamstring Bench Curls

Hamstring Floor Curls (Bridge)

Hamstring Standing Curls

Hamstring Curls With An Exercise Ball

Heel Stands

Hip Abductions

Hip Extensions

Hip Flexions


Step Ups

Toe Stands


Wall Squats For Quadriceps

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