An Aerobic Workout Is An Exercise That Increases Our Body's Oxygen Demand

What is Aerobic Exercise?

It is a workout that works our heart and lungs harder to satisfy our body's increased oxygen demand for a sustained period of time. This type of workout is also known as cardio exercise.

Typically, this type of workout is categorized as

    No Impact - cycling, elliptical trainers or swimming.

    Low Impact - Walking.

    High Impact - Running or Jogging.

If you experience low back or knee pain, or are overweight, you may want to consider the No Impact types of this workout. If you are in decent physical shape, but have not exercised for a while, try the Low Impact form of this workout. However, if you are in good shape and competitive, try pushing yourself with the High Impact type of this workout.

What are the benefits of Aerobic Exercise?

It promotes the creation of new blood vessels to our tissues and organs. This results in an increase in nutrient flow throughout our body, and improved waste removal.

A study at The Ohio State University also showed "that regular exercise may speed up the wound-healing process by as much as 25 percent" in older adults.

With our bodily tissues getting more nutrients and exposed to less waste material means improved health and longevity. These workouts should be a part of every fitness routine.

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