Dumbbell Exercises Are An Inexpensive And Efficient Method Of Performing Strength Workouts

Benefits Of Exercises Using Dumbbells

This method of strength workouts is relatively inexpensive and efficient. It requires very little physical space in your home.

These workouts also give you a greater range of motion in comparison to barbells or bulky machines. They not only work the large muscle groups, but also work the smaller muscles that are sometimes neglected by workouts that are restricted in their range of motion.

Free weights also allow the development of a more balanced physique, and these workouts are an excellent addition to any fitness routine.

I actually find these workouts additive and enjoyable as I get stronger. One problem is as I do get stronger, I find that I may need heavier weights. So I may have to upgrade.

You can click on the links below for a detailed discussion and illustrated example of each activity.

Back Workouts

    Single Arm Row

Biceps Workouts


    Hammer Curls

    Concentration Curls

    Preacher Curls

    Incline Curls

Chest Workouts

    Chest Fly

    Chest Press

Shoulder Workouts

    Front Raise

    Lateral Raises

    Overhead Press

    Shoulder Extension


    Upright Row

Triceps Workouts

    Triceps (Elbow) Extensions

    Triceps Kickbacks

    Triceps Press

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