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  • Brain Research
  • Health and Fitness Blog Articles
  • exercise and fitness programs
  • fitness nutritional supplements
  • Martial Arts
  • medical insurance needs
  • Online Shopping
  • and Published Exercise, Health and Fitness Articles

We all need to incorporate endurance, strength, flexibility and balance routines into our schedules to insure a longer and healthier life. Doing this in combination with a Mediterranean type of diet has shown to decrease the risks of developing conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and circulatory system problems.

Studies have also shown that it is not too late to start. Even those in their 80's can improve their quality of life with a fitness program.

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Link Partners Providing Additional Resources

Alternative Medicine

    Townsend Letter - The Examiner of Alternative Medicine - Published print magazine about alternative medicine. It is written by researches, health practitioners and patients. As a forum for the entire alternative medicine community, we present scientific information (pro and con) on a wide variety of alternative medicine topics.

Brain Exercises - Brain Fitness - Brain Research

Exercise And Fitness

    Gain Muscle Mass Naturally - Learn to gain muscle mass in record time, without the use of drugs. Mario Fanzolato, natural bodybuilder, offers free advice on weight training, nutrition, and every other aspect of natural muscle building.

Exercise And Fitness Equipment

    Weights Bench Training - Find tips for your weight bench workout, offers on weights benches and weights as well as other fitness discounts.

Fitness Nutrition, Supplements and Health Aids

    BodyTemple-Wellness.com - Your source for the World's Most Advanced Health & Wellness Products for your home and office. Avid promoters of alternative methods of fitness, health and wellness.
    Colon Cleanse Best Colon Cleanse web site provides colon cleanse reviews and all facts about colon cleansing for weight loss. If you want to lose weight naturally and effectively, please take time and visit www.best-colon-cleanse.com to read our articles about natural and herbal colon cleanser products.
    Healthy-Eating-Made-Fun.com - "Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do….” Simple yet effective ways to motivate yourself.’
    Nursing Menopause - Nursing Menopause is a useful, informative and honest guide on how to deal with this natural midlife event, including advice on fitness and exercise.

Health Insurance

    Fitness-Culture-Health-Insurance.com - Find affordable fitness and health solutions that work for you and your family.

Martial Arts

    Martial Arts Insight - Martial Arts Insight provides unique online perspectives into the fighting arts as forms of self-defense, to promote fitness health, for personal development and as a way of life to foster spiritual enlightenment.

Online Shopping

    Online-Shopping-Gateway.com - The finest Online-Shopping-Gateway for any special or unique occasions is your one-stop to shop made luxurious for you. You can find everything you need here from exercise fitness and beauty to unique gift items. Feel good while you shop and find exactly what you are looking for.

Published Exercise, Health and Fitness Articles

Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Tips & Secrets - Welcome to our website which will help you discover the secret to permanent fat loss, which is within everybody's reach, but there are few who choose to grasp it!.

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