Cycling Exercise

You can enjoy cycling both outdoors and indoors. It is less weight-bearing than jogging and may put less stress on your body. Overall it is a good no impact aerobic exercise.

Outdoor Pros

Outdoor Cons

  • Weather can be a problem
  • You need a bike and safety gear
  • Traffic can be a safety concern
  • Accidents are a possibility

Indoor Pros

  • Weather is not a problem
  • Less likely to have an accident
  • Exercise bike can provide feedback on your speed,calories burned, miles covered and elapsed time
  • You can watch TV or listen to music or a recorded book while exercising

Indoor Cons

  • You need a stationary, exercise bike and room to store it
  • Indoor biking may become boring


  • Adjust your seat to that when your leg is at the bottom position, your knee should be almost fully extended. Your knee should be only slightly bent.
  • Time not distance is important. Gradually increase your time to 30 to 60 minutes each day

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