Exercise in the good old days compared to now

by Carol

My mother’s side of the family has always been slim, whereas my paternal relatives are on the tubby side. Sadly for me, I take after my father!
My maternal grandmother was lovely and she spoiled me rotten with food and goodies each time I visited as a child. One of my favorites was brown sugar sandwiches!!! Yes, I know, so unhealthy!

As I grew up (and continued to grow!!!) I realized that some foods brought comfort in the short term but pain eventually. My weight continued to climb after I had my two children and stayed at home to look after them. I remember asking my mother how she kept so slim and what exercise she did. Her answer was not what I expected…

“I never had time to exercise! Looking after the home, garden and you kids kept me on the go all day”. It got me thinking. Our parents and grandparents did not have the mod-cons that we take for granted nowadays.

Whereas I load the washing machine and leave it to get on with the job, my mum had a twin tub and a pair of wooden tongs for lifting the hot, wet clothes out of one tub and putting them into the spinner side of the machine. She then had to go outside and hang them on the washing line. You could call it exercising with weights in a way.

Even mowing the lawn was more physical then, with a push mower and a large garden to keep tidy. Our family only had one car, which my Dad needed to get to work, so the grocery shopping was done on foot, and the heavy bags carried the 2 miles home. No wonder she had a bad back!

Even down to the movement needed to get up, walk to the TV and change the channel, when she eventually sat down in the evenings is more than we have to do now.

What made me think back like this? Talking to my mum on the phone, while sitting on the exercise bike going nowhere in my living room, trying to squeeze some exercise into my day!

I do have to say though, although boring, I have so far managed to lose over 50 pounds just by the bike and walking the dogs. Now what else can I do to be more physical?

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