Number One Of The Five Tibetan Rites

Number One of the five Tibetan Rites is not a flexibility exercise. This one may not even be considered an exercise in my opinion. However, it is an easy exercise to do, and it is believed that it will start the energy centers of the body spinning normally again.

The Tibetan belief is to spin in a left to right or clockwise direction. It is considered to be the better direction for health in the Tibetan belief culture. To keep from getting too dizzy, you can do what dancers and ice skaters do. Focus on one point for as long as you can as your body spins. Then quickly refocus on another point as you keep spinning.

I do not do this exercise often, and have a hard time understanding the benefit. However, I have to admit that dancers and skaters who do this maneuver often do look rather healthy and fit.


  1. Stand erect with arms out-stretched

  2. Keep palms facing down
  3. Spin around in a clockwise direction without wandering from your position
  4. Focus on one point with your eyes to keep from getting too dizzy
  5. If you do get dizzy, stop this exercise and rest
  6. Do the second Tibetan Rite as soon as possible

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