Back Strengthener Core Exercise


The Back Strengthener core exercise works the back muscles along the vertebral column that extend the spine. This exercise will improve posture and help prevent a hunched back.

The muscles that benefits from this workout are:

  • Semispinalis thoracis, Semispinalis cervicis and Semispinalis capitis
  • Multifidus
  • Long rotatores and Short rotatores
  • Interspinales
  • Iliocostalis lumborum, Iliocostalis thoracis and Iliocostalis cervicis
  • Longissimus thoracis, Longissimus cervicis and Longissimus capitis
  • Spinalis thoracis and Spinalis cervicis

Keeping your legs straight is more important than the height of the leg raise for this exercise. With daily practice, you will be able to lift your legs higher.

Exercise Procedure

  1. Lie on your stomach with your forehead on the floor and arms at your sides.
  2. Breathe in as you lift your left leg off the floor. Remember to keep your leg straight.
  3. Hold this position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  4. Return to the starting position as you breathe out.
  5. Repeat this procedure for the right leg.
  6. Repeat this exercise two more times on each side while alternating.
  7. While keeping your forehead on the floor, stretch your arms out in front of you.
  8. As you breathe in, left your arms, head and legs. Remember to keep your legs straight.
  9. Hold this position for 3 seconds.
  10. While breathing out, return to the starting position.
  11. Repeat this exercise twice more.
  12. You can do this exercise everyday.

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