How To Do Triceps Dips To Firm Those Flabby Muscles In The Back Of Your Upper Arm

Benefits Of Triceps Dips

This exercise requires no special equipment, and can be done almost anywhere. This is one of those arm workouts that strengthens those muscles in the back of your upper arm or triceps. These muscles enable you to straighten your elbow, push open doors, and push yourself out of a chair.

Importantly, it will firm up those flabby triceps, and it is an excellent addition to any fitness routine.


  • It is best to perform this exercise using a sturdy chair or exercise bench
  • Keep your shoulders down when doing this workout. In other words, don't shrug your shoulders

Workout Procedure

  1. Sit on a chair

  2. Place your hands on the chair next to your hips
  3. Lift yourself up with your hands and bring your hips forward
  4. You can increase the difficulty of this exercise by walking your feet forward and straightening your legs
  5. Bend your elbows no lower than 90 degrees to lower your hips down
  6. Keep your hips close to the chair
  7. Keep your shoulder down. Don't shrug your shoulders
  8. Push yourself back up to the starting position
  9. Complete 8 - 12 repetitions
  10. Perform this exercise 3 times a week, every other day

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