Core Exercises

Core Exercises focus on strengthening the trunk or torso muscles. Specifically, these workouts strengthen the abs and back muscles. In Pilates terminology, this area of the body is known as the powerhouse.

Just like a tree, you can not have healthy branches unless you have a strong trunk to support the branches. To have healthy support for your head, arms and legs, you must first have a strong trunk, torso or powerhouse.

Click on the links below for a description and illustration of each trunk strengthening exercise.

Abs Exercises

    The Captain's Chair Exercises
    Crunch On An Exercise Ball
    Vertical Leg Crunch
    Reverse Crunch

Back Workout

    Back Strengthener

Stabilizing the Scapula

    Reverse Fly
    Scapula Stabilization
Trunk Workouts
    Plank Position
    Trunk Extension

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